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facing independent optometry now and in the near future.

What lies ahead for the
optometric industry in the U.S.?

No doubt, this is a challenging time for independent optometry. Competition from mass retailers, rising business expenses and evolving consumer behavior is driving a changing dynamic in the industry.

But there’s plenty of good news for independent practitioners too. Adapting to the marketplace, staying ahead of trends and continuing to focus on providing excellent care for patients are all key ways ECPs can forge ahead into the future.

For this reason, Essilor and VSP Global are testing a concept with ECPs, with the goal of gauging how independent practitioners can gain a competitive edge, when given the right tools to improve their business.

How can you prepare for the changing dynamics?

This site is a resource for you to better understand what’s happening in the industry, including best practices, industry thought-leadership, trends and tips.  You’ll have an opportunity to provide your input and ideas, as we discuss the changes and plot strategies for success in the age of independent optometry.

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